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No marketing agency
can do it all alone

As an agency or team with strong digital background, you come up on a daily basis with great software ideas that will let your wildest marketing ideas flourish.

It may be an eCommerce platform with full of customizations, a web app that will link to a massive marketing campaign or even an app that powers devices.

You can’t possibly expect yourself to be able to come up with great marketing ideas to utilize their potential and still handle all the technology yourself.

That would call for a large and costly team with individuals of various skills – front-end web development, graphic web design, back-end languages and IoT devices integrations.

And the more ideas and creativity you have, the more of it you will need.

You only pay
when you actually need them

As an agency specialized in digital marketing services, your need of skilled developers may vary greatly over time.

Sometimes you need need a lot, at other times you may not need them at all.

But if you hire developers in-house, you have to pay them always.

With your IT subcontractor, you only pay for the actual work performed.

It gives you enormous flexibility in changing the intensity of software development work you do.

You get all the credit
for creating amazing software

Since it is your company that actually communicates with the customer, it feels almost as if you developed it yourself.

It is after all up to your company to present the idea, formalized it and communicate with your IT subcontractor during the entire software development process.

And to the final customer, it makes absolutely no difference.

You increase your productivity
virtually infinitely

Have you landed multiple exciting customers all at the same time ?

With your IT subcontractor, you can greatly increase your workload in a very short time, without having to worry about recruitment.

You get instant access to skilled developers that do not need time to learn or adapt to any given technology.


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